Friday, 10 February 2006

AW Week 4 - Buried Dreams

The Buried Dreams Exercise sound like a hoot so here goes ...
5 Hobbies that sound fun -
Collecting - anything
Playing poker
Glider flying
German Shorthaired Pointer showing
Travelling on the QEII

5 Classes that sound fun -
Sketching cadavers at University of NSW
A year at NIDA
Textile Art
Water colour painting
Learn piano

5 Things you would never do -
Live in a high rise building
Travel in the tunnel under Sydney Harbour
Be the person I used to be
Work in an op shop

5 skills that would be fun to have -
Play the drums
Walk on stilts
To run a marathon
To drive

5 things you used to enjoy doing -
and all that went with them!

5 things you would like to try once -
Travel the world
Have no bills
Be published
Book binding

Now we enter the Reading Deprivation week.

Mmmm that's gonna be a challenge! Hang on I
might fail this one ... emails still need to be read
but I'll stay away from the books!
Updates will be interesting!


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