Sunday, 26 February 2006

AW Week 5 & 6 in Review

Twpo for the price of one - Weeks 5 & 6

You might wonder - what happened to week 5 of
The Artist's Way.

WEllllll it really wasn't me. Too airy fairy. Too much about
wishes and those who know me know I don't wish. I'm a
realist and if I want something to happen then do my darndest
to I make it happen. Time is too precious to be wafting off,
daydreaming and wishing - get ya head out of the clouds, get
on with it or get over it - life's too short!

My 5 imaginery lives are - sort of the same, sort of not!

If I were 20 and had money - I would still do it all over again!

If I were 65 and had money - well we'll wait and see about that

Ten way's that I am mean to myself - couldn't think of one!

Ten items I'd like to own that I don't - nope

My favourite creative block is - now I know here it's not meant
to be a Crazy Quilting Block - but that's what comes to mind!

My payoff for staying blocked is - don't have one as I am always

The person I blame for being blocked is - well no-one because I
am not a blamer!
So there.............!

Week 6 - Recovering Abundance.

Money Madness Exercise.
my answers are in red

1. People with money are rich.
2. Money makes people rich.
3. I'd have more money if I won some.
4. My dad thought money was to hold on to.
5. My Mum thought money was to spend.
6. In my family, money caused us to live.
7. Money equals wealth.
8. If I had money I'd buy a house with an ocean view.
9. If I could afford it I'd have that house with an ocean view and a GSP.
10. If I had some money I'd spend it.
11. I'm afraid that if I had money I'd - wot is there to be afraid of??
12. Money is wealth.
13. Money causes - it depends.
14. Having money is not a worry.
15. In order to have more money I need to get off my butt.
16. When I have money, I usually spend it.
17. I think money is necessary.
18. If I weren't so cheap I'd - I'm not cheap.
19. People think money is the root of all evil and they're jealous.
20. Being broke tells me I was born beautiful not rich.

So there was then the pick the rocks, pick the flowers, clearing (I'm
always doing that), creation, (always doing that), communication
(ditto), acceptance (ditto), prosperity (there was plenty of that this
week) - I'm smiling!

I'm still up with the morning pages, the artist date was done,
synchronicity abounded, a week of health related high's and lows.

How can that be when I am only 39????


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