Wednesday, 8 February 2006

Beginner Blogger Blues!

I feel a right TWAT... Twerp, Nob ... C'mon think of another!

Apologies to all you wonderful message leavers - just found a stack
of messages - left for Moi - since the beginning - and I didn't know!
It's been like findng that last prawn on the seafood platter, the last
skerrick of chocolate in the wrapper - thank YOU, thank YOU!

My profile went to the bottom of the right hand side for a week,
couldn't get the HTML working, still floundering with the links
but ask me to cater for an event for 1000 people and I'm there
with aplomb and you'll get a guaranteed spectacular event!

What a buzz to know someone has even been here!
YeeHaa ....Thanks Heaps!


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