Monday, 27 February 2006

BONDI BEACH - born and bred.

Last Saturday a tiny slice of land at Bondi Beach was sold for
$3.5m . This "postage stamp" is right where my Mum lived as a kid
from 1923-1925 in a three story block of red brick "flats".

In 1925 they moved to 148 Campbell Parade, (smack bang between Hall
and Roscoe St's) on the main drag, of Bondi. The trams rattled past their
front room eventually as a sad reminder of how Pa was killed when
he fell from a tram in Oxford Street Woollahra one night in 1931 on his
way home from work at East Sydney Tech. Life changed.

Mum and her Mum, Rene, stayed in 148 Campbell Parade. They saw
the bombs come over Bondi in May 1942 . By August that year she had
met and married my Dad.

Born and bred in Bondi has been a catch phrase of mine. My first
swimming lesson was at the now famous Bondi IceBergs Pool . Bondi Beach
Public School was my first school. From 1957 - 1960 148 Campbell Parade
became my home too.

My early married life was in Bondi, my kids were born and bred in
Bondi, my hubby used to surf South Bondi on a balsa board right in front
of the IceBergs.

With those and a squillion more memories if I'd had $3.5m I'd have
bought that smidge of dirt, but like I've said before ...
I was born beautiful not rich.


Miss Eagle said...

Bondi is my ever so favourite beach. It is truly a national icon. When I lived at Elizabeth Bay in Sydney I'd be up and over there at 5am - before the crowds hit at 6am. Nothing like it.

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