Friday, 10 February 2006

Blogging & Visual Journals

At Day 26 Blogging AW with the 'Morning Pages', book one, A4 size,
is filled. My choice is to only write on the right hand page, on every
second line with some doodles and thoughts occasionally on the left
hand page. Sounds lavish to some. Maybe it stems from being tortured
as a kid to write on every page. Being scolded, reprimanded as wasteful
when missing a page, chastised even more when, oh shame, ripping a
page out if an error was made ... obviously the reason for adult
extravagance. Money was short , times were hard ... not now!
Printing stuff instead of simply clicking on save, ephemera is adore,
magazines, note paper, the card I see and want in case ... of what???
MJ went nuts as I searched for the first 'Morning Pages' book "paper
isn't like it used to be" was my retort, "I'm Over It" was MJ's.

The inital idea was to cover each of the MP books. I'd already covered
5 VJ's as gifts, plus one for Moi and another that's almost completed
but is currently missing with the WOMBATS. Oh how the list of to do's
swells to garagantuan proportions and are now looming bigger than
the projects.

So ... I Googled Visual Journals. Gadzooks the choices blew me away!
I've signed up to a Yahoo group via aisling net How to Make Art and WOW!
The talent, the links are fabulous, there goes the rest of the night, stupendous!
VJ covers have taken over for the time being ... it's only early!


Leah said...

oo fun! i've covered all my aw journals and it seems to mark them all as a moment in time. great fun. and thanks for the link, i'll have to go take a peek!!

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