Friday, 17 February 2006

The Department of Me

Some time ago before thinking it possible to personally blog
I discovered The Department of Me and have never been
able to go online without popping there for an peek.
Love and adore your work Kate!

My posts been scarce these past days. So many things to be over
would have made me a whinging woc ... RU486 ... Yeah at that
result ... even that didn't quell the conniption.

KP's financed state farewell ...Grrrr ... Dana Vale's ludicrous
comment ... loonie neighbours to contend with and long over due
creativity to catch up on. All done and gorrrn so now I have a
clean slate.

Off to The Stitches & Craft Show on Sunday to learn, be inspired,
catch up with good friends and spend money ....wot more could
you ask for on a sunny Sunday?

I'll get back to you shortly!


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