Thursday, 9 February 2006

Some of my best friends are NETBALLERS.

Those who know me know my netballer line! Thanks Flick!

The greatest faux netballer of all time Sharon Strezleckie aka
Magda Szubanski is making a comeback on Aussie tele.
Tune in to NINE on Feb 14 for "Magda's Funny Bit's" where
the gorgeous "Chenille" and all the other glamours we know
and love will have you wetting yourselves!
What a Valentine's gift!


Flick C said...

Crikey Red you are one funny woman.
Talk about a character.
Thanks for the mention as a netballer - I am really a tennis player these days - come on down Amelie Mauresmo!!!!!
I am grappling with turning 40 - aarrrggghhhh!!!!!!!!!
Speak soon.
Love Flick. xx

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